11 obvious Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Good Domain Name

 11 obvious Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Good Domain Name

Choosing good domain name is the first and foremost thing you should focus before thinking of launching a website or a blog.


11 obvious Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Good Domain Name
11 obvious Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Good Domain Name

But, why do you need a Domain Name?

Here are the 4 reasons you should invest in picking a good domain name:

  • Having a domain name gives your business or company a unique identity.
  • It helps you to build online credibility.
  • Unique domain name accelerates the brand awareness.
  • A good name for a website improves the search engine rankings

Knowing these fruitful benefits, it becomes imperative for us to have a right domain name to get an upper edge in branding and pure organic traffic from search engines.

There are plenty tips available on the web today on choosing the right domain.

But, it’s important for us to know the minor aspects we should b AVOID when it comes to finalizing the domain name for your website or blog.

Read on:

Today, we will go through the blunders you should avoid and be cautious in choosing a website name.

1. Not Being Clear – What is the Objective of Website?

You need to be clear on the purpose of the site you need a domain name.

  • Are you going to promote your services and products? If yes, “ YourName. com” is a good idea.
  • Do you own a company? If yes, choosing the right domain name for your business like “ComanyName. com “ could be a better option. People would register it their mind effortlessly.
  • Are you targeting specific niche? If yes “ NicheKeywordxyz .com “ would be ideal.

2. Ignoring keywords – You will Miss Precious FREE Traffic from Search Engines.

Search engines rely on keywords to understand the topic of your website.

Why not have keyword right in the domain name?

This has 2 benefits:

A: Search engines bots (crawlers) know what is the niche of your website (blog) and subject you are covering.
B: With keywords in domain name, humans can easily interpret what is your the theme of your site.

Example to support the benefits:

“Organic gardening tips. com “
“Gadget know how. com ”
”Creative design services.com ”

3. Picking Lengthy Domain Name – Don`t Impose Typing Burden.

The longish domain name will add typing overload to users.

What it also does is increases the probability of typing errors.

Eventually, it builds up irritancy that could cost you loss of potential visitor to our website.

Refer examples below…aren`t they too lengthy?
“ Learn guitar quickly and easily. com “
“ Burn fats within four weeks. com “
“ Reliable SEO services for your biz. com “

4. Opting Difficult to Remember Domain Name.

You should never use difficult to remember domain name as it reduces the discoverability of your website.

5. Not Focusing On the Core Topic.

If your business relates to technical gadgets, you never should hesitate to include the main keyword closely associated to your gadgets.

Few examples:

“Starting a blog. com “
“ Proven writing tips. com”
“ Quick recipes. com “

6. Including Hyphens in Domain Name.

Never use a hyphen in the domain name.

They are simply hard to remember and pronounce.

It will also hamper the search engine rankings of your website.

7. Not Choosing Top Level Domain Name-TLD.

Having a TLD is crucial.

Today, the majority…Rather almost all websites have .COM as domain extension.

.COM domain are most established domain name extension since ages. People tend to recognise them quickly as they are simpler to remember.

Here`s quick data supporting the fact.

List of sites that have preferred “ .com “ as preferred domain extension and numbers are astronomically high.

I used Google`s search operator “ site: .com”, which gave me the results of pages indexed with “ .com ” as the top-level domain.

If your website is meant to serve particular geographic location, then the country extension is good decision.

8. Not Doing Deep Research – Do Your Due Diligence.

Research the domain name in search engines and check if something similar gets listed in search results.

Take an extra effort to go deep in search results.

If you notice something that matches your proposed domain name, you need to scrap the domain right away.

Do not get into legal battles by infringing someone trademark or copyright. It could be a big brand or some small to medium business.

Stay away!

9. Preferring Short Domain Name.

Short domain name is better, but not always.

It has to be meaningful, non-confusing and unforgettable.

Say – “ABCfinancialleads. com“

What if someone makes a spelling error or typo between two l`s.You could potentially lose a lead or customer.

10. Including Numerals and Chat Jargons.

Avoid numbers and chatting jargons in domain names.

It looks unprofessional, silly, mediocre and non-classy.

It is very difficult to spell vocally too and adds ambiguity.

If you strategize to pull some organic traffic from Google, then rule out the idea of having number immediately.

Like: “ abcdesigns4u. com ”

11. Domain Name that are Difficult to Pronounce.

You should be able to articulate the domain name clearly.

Give a careful thought on it, as people won`t be able to pronounce it correctly.

“ QuikrWieghtLoss . com “

Did you notice it?

Majority would type it as “ QuickerWieghtLoss. com “

An interesting observation:

Type: www.Flickr.com OR www.Flicker.com

You would get redirected to the same site…I believe it should be an intentional redirect so that Flickr do not lose traffic if any type Flicker.com.

To conclude..

Choosing an effective Domain Name should be focused exercise.

Go for something that is:

  • Unique
  • Catchy
  • Easy to remember
  • Closely associated with your niche /company /business
  • Easy to articulate

Do bring to my notice if there more mistakes which we can avoid when choosing a perfect domain name for your website or blog.

Eagerly anticipate your views.





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